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Motivational Counselling

Motivational Counselling at Mehar Foundation

Motivational Counselling therapy is a short-term technique used in the treatment of alcohol and substance use disorders. This approach to treatment focuses on helping people to feel more motivated to change their destructive, harmful behavior.

Motivational Counselling at Mehar Foundation

It integrates aspects of motivational interviewing and is based on the transtheoretical model of change. For people who are ambivalent about giving up their addiction or who are not motivated to recover, Motivational Counselling can be a helpful way to inspire change. The Motivational Counselling approach can be useful for helping people understand the effects of their behavior and feel more capable of recovering from addiction.

Motivational Counselling is brief and time-limited. It typically lasts four sessions, but in some cases may last as long as six sessions. The first session consists of an assessment. The next two to five sessions utilize motivational interviewing strategies to help the client gain greater awareness, build motivation, and develop a plan to change.

Motivational Counselling is a counseling approach that helps people resolve ambivalence and improve motivation to change. It focuses on helping people become more willing, confident, and ready to change.

Motivational enhancement therapy is focused on overcoming a person’s resistance to changing their destructive behavior. It takes a client-centered approach to encourage people to develop the intrinsic motivation to engage in the recovery process.

Motivational Counselling can be beneficial because it helps people overcome their ambivalence about entering treatment and ending their substance use. Rather than directing people through a series of steps, Motivational Counselling is able to quickly help people develop the intrinsic motivation to work toward recovery.

While motivational enhancement therapy can be beneficial and effective for many people, that doesn’t mean that it is right for everyone or every situation. As the National Institute on Drug Abuse notes, evidence suggests that the efficacy of this approach tends to be mixed when it comes to substances other than alcohol and marijuana.


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