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Group Therapy at Mehar Foundation | De Addiction Centre

Group Therapy – Along with individual therapy, family therapy, and medication management, group therapy can serve as an indispensable element of effective substance misuse and mental health treatment. Group therapy is a broad term for any type of therapy aimed at creating symptom reduction and recovery in two or more people.

Group Therapy at Mehar Foundation

Group therapy for substance abuse will have a trained leader conducting the session. Unlike in family therapy, the members in group therapy will not usually have pre-existing relationships outside of sessions.

Group therapy sessions can be conducted in varied therapeutic settings at different levels of care, including hospital-based inpatient programs, residential programs, and outpatient recovery programs. For someone committed to ending their drug use and beginning a period of recovery, group therapy is an option that can be as effective as individual sessions.

Group therapy may be an instrumental part of your addiction treatment plan. As you proceed through treatment and recovery, you may find it helpful and/or necessary to access behavioral therapy to deal with anger, sadness, stress, or other emotions. Group therapy helps aid in the long-term recovery process by providing patients with the skills they need to prevent relapse.

Addiction treatment plans can include any number of services, including various kinds of therapy. Patients may benefit from one type of therapy over another; others may thrive in recovery utilizing a combination of addiction treatment methods. While individual therapy offers a one-on-one counseling environment, some may benefit more from group counseling services, and many benefit from utilizing both therapy types.

Individuals may find comfort in group therapy sessions, since they offer a more social aspect to drug and alcohol addiction treatment, allowing individuals to experience the recovery processes of their peers and feel less alone in their journeys to sobriety.

Advantages of Group Therapy

Group therapy has a number of elements that equal or surpass individual therapy, such as the ability to:

  • Offer members education about the recovery process.
  • Provide support and motivation from peers to help maintain recovery goals.
  • Give members the opportunity to observe issues encountered by others in recovery and observe their methods of problem-solving.
  • Empower group members by encouraging them to offer assistance and feedback to other members.
  • Teach healthy coping skills to manage daily stressors without resorting to substance use.
  • Boost structure and routine in the lives of group members.
  • Build a sense of optimism, self-worth, and belief in group members.
  • Develop relationships between group members that can be used outside of sessions for support and encouragement.
  • Effectively treat many individuals simultaneously with one therapist, allowing these clients quicker access to therapy.
  • Offer therapeutic tools (such as challenging irrational beliefs and confronting poor decision-making) to modify behaviors.


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