Mehar Foundation

House Rules

House Rules – The following house rules are supplement to the Expectations.

The following house rules are supplement to the Expectations. They provide specific house rules of conduct that assist with compliance with the spirit of those expectations.

Tobacco/Nicotine Use:

Use of Tobacco/Nicotine is allowed except for chewing tobacco (Gutkha) in the premises. Smoking is only allowed in the smoking zone till 10:30pm except for Saturdays.

Recovery is your focus:

  • Use of electronic devices i.e. cell phones,i-pods,mp3 players,laptops,etc. would be allowed only till the detox period as you have to be physically fit first after that cell phones would be allowed when you would be going out of the rehab for gym, meetings or outings.
  • No novels, magazines, sexually explicit material, print or online but only Narcotics Anonymous & Alcoholics Anonymous and addiction related literature is allowed.
  • Respect other’s personal space and wear appropriate clothing.
  • ​On week days in bedroom by 11:30 pm and out by 7:30am sharp followed by meditation.
  • On weekendsin bedroom by 2:00 am and out by 9:00 am followed by meditation.

Minimize Distractions:

  • During stay family or loved ones can come to meet anytime, just have to check the timings of gym, sessions and meetings.
  • Cell phones may be allowed for some time during the day iffocused on recovery and the time of usage may be increased gradually.But only for talking with family members, use of social media would be restricted. If any misuse of cell phone is seen then the usage would be restricted.
  • You are allowed to go for outings with rehab staff and patients.


  • Punctual participation in all sessions, activities and meals is compulsory unless there is physical emergency.
  • No chewing tobacco, chewing gum or any kind of electronic device or other distractions during sessions.

Household Responsibilities:

​Mehar foundation encourages the patients to be self – dependent and works on the overall growth of them.

  • Patients are motivated to wash their own clothes, but laundry service is available.
  • No cooking.
  • Food to be eaten in dining area only, no food in bedrooms or common areas.
  • Bedrooms to be kept tidy.
  • Patients have to contribute in the cleaning of the house along with staff.

Family Program:

An important part of your treatment is our Family Program – as family therapy has been found to increase the chances of an addict maintaining long-term recovery. It involves active participation from your family members and educates them about addiction and the recovery process.

Length of Stay:

Your duration of stay at The Mehar Foundation depends on several factors, such as your personal requirements and level of addiction. The duration can vary from 4-6 months.


Psychotherapy: The psychological side of treatment is the most important as addiction is primarily a psycho/ socio/ behavioral disorder. This is accomplished through daily group therapy sessions, individual counseling and Mindfulness therapy.

We use a holistic treatment program called Recovery Zones, which is a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), 12 Steps and Mindfulness Meditation.

CBT is a personalized approach that we adapt to suit each patients individual needs. We also practice the recognized 12 Steps method that our clinical team has customized to be both culturally-sensitive and relevant to modern day life. Therapeutic meditation techniques, which include Mindfulness meditation, and yoga have been proven to help in treating addiction by managing stress and helping to reduce cravings.

Exercise Therapy compliments this core program, and includes personal training and group sessions.


The day begins with meditation and prayer at 7:30 am followed by House Cleaning. Breakfast at 10:00 a.m., after breakfast gym sessions atAthelonics gym sector 11 panchkula. Lunch served after returning from the gym and rest from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m..Most days at The Mehar Foundation involves therapy sessions (group and one-on-one), physical therapy, mindfulness coaching and a variety of therapeutic workshops. Dinner is from 8-9 pm, after which you will have free time until 11:30 p.m.Evenings are usually utilized for Narcotics Anonymous/Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

The weekends are a bit different. Saturdays and Sundays are solely used for enjoyable day trips i.e. going for movies, street food, swimming or walks.

Aftercare Treatment

After you have successfully completed primary treatment, you will be ready to start utilizing aftercare options. Aftercare is incredibly important when it comes to preventing relapse and we make sure that all of our clients receive the aftercare that is suitable for them.

Our complimentary Lifelong aftercare program involves systematic online video one to one sessions. Since you are already familiar with the group, this continuing dynamic has proven to have a significant positive effect on the efficacy and success of our treatment program.