Mehar Foundation

Director's Message

Dr. Abhimanyu Rampal​ (Director)

Dr. Abhimanyu Rampal​By the grace of god I found recovery from a history of drug abuse for the longest period of my life. Even though everything seemed to be going well in my life since I was a post graduate doctor, gainfully employed and married I felt severely unhappy and depressed.

I was fortunate to still have enough health somewhere inside of me which led me to seek help from Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous , Al-anon and their such spiritual programs . There I received the message of hope, loving, unconditional support, warm hugs and acceptance without judgement. As a result I gradually felt much better physically, emotionally and spiritually. I no longer felt like a burden on my family and friends.

From here I discovered my true passion in life which was to spread the message of hope in the life of addicts and introducing them to AA/NA.

Specially so because I saw abominable conditions in the rehabs in northern india where the inmates were inhumanly subjected to forceful confinement, verbal abuse and harsh punishments. World over experience has shown that the only hope for recovery lies in the message of love and spiritual support. I was appalled at the state of the addicts in these rehabs and made a decision to get professional training from NSD- New Delhi in the field of de-addiction.

There I got hands on training in some of the good rehab centres and learnt the compassionate way to open up healing and recovery for addicts. Consequently I decided to setup my own rehab facility committed to a treatment approach which opened up the way for addicts to find a happy, joyous and free life without the crutch of alcohol or drugs.

The approach of the majority of rehabs is to treat the addicts like criminals who are not worthy of being part of society and need to be jailed and reformed through a mentally, physically, emotionally violent method.

In contrast we at MEHAR FOUNDATION strive to pass the message of hope by distinguishing between the person and the disease of addiction. It is the disease (like any other disease) which the person needs to recover from and the person himself/herself is not a criminal but a victim of this disease. The message of hope encourages the addict to see this distinction and take responsibility for their actions with a lot of self love and compassion.

We at MEHAR FOUNDATION strive to create a nurturing environment for addicts open to seeking help and support. We provide structured and positive therapy conducted by well trained, experienced and gentle yet not enabling therapists. The living environment is inviting with spacious rooms, nourishing food and plenty of freedom all with the message of discipline and self discovery.

Dr Abhimanyu Rampal, Project Director, Mehar Foundation