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Mehar Foundation

 Mehar Foundation, 

 an open rehab, is based on the 

 principle that free will is essential for 

 recovery from addiction. 

Mehar Foundation, an open rehab, is based on the principle that free will is essential for recovery from addiction. Only an honest desire to live a life free from drugs and alcohol can lead to long-lasting recovery.

This is why; we at Mehar Foundation only take in willing patients. Use of physical force, bribery or threats to coerce patients into rehabilitation goes against our principles and values.

Our treatment and rehabilitation program involves a four-pronged treatment approach that includes
treatment on the physical, mental, social, and spiritual planes. We provide a holistic treatment process, aimed at targeting all angles of substance and alcohol abuse. Total drug and alcohol abstinence is the primary goal of the rehab, and success means a drug-free, productive, and sober life-style, even after treatment.


Our primary objective is the evolution of a spontaneous treatment module in tune with our cultural and human values, based on actual life experiences. We can go to any length to stay away.

Mission Statement

Mehar foundation’s vision is to provide Holistic healing to addicts and their families and to facilitate their reconciliation and integration to society.We believe that every individual has the God-given right to be treated and live with dignity, taking responsibility for their own lives and carving their own destiny. Our mission is to equip our clients with the necessary tools to make this vision possible through our rehabilitation program and services.

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